Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is the evidence-based psychotherapeutic model that emphasizes the role of thinking in the individual’s feelings and behaviors. 
The theory of cognitive-behavioral therapy suggests that psychological disorders are caused by a combination of an unhelpful dysfunctional thought process and by maladaptive behaviors motivated by that thought process. 

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Card holders who meet the standards for CBT training and practice can apply for Accreditation as a Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists.

By holding a card from Veneti for CBT, individuals will be entitled to many benefits such as reduced rates in specific workshops, seminars, conferences, scientific events.

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The code of ethics embodies the responsibilities that should instruct those who hold the cards of Veneti for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. The code of ethics serves as a guide to the card holders of how to relate to their colleagues and how to fulfill their professional roles and responsibilities toward those they serve such as clients, patients, employers, research participants, students, institutions and the public at large. 

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